Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 03-18-2021 Pending Approval

Board of Directors Zoom Meeting Minutes

March 18th, 2021, 5:00pm – 1160 N 645 West, Washington, Utah


Agenda Item Presenter   Time
Board Meeting Call to Order Chair Haendiges  Board Members in Attendance on Zoom: Jim Haendiges, Nancy Glover, Ana Eldridge, Jessi Cox,  Rachel Webb

Board Members Absent: Roy Johnson

Others in Attendance on Zoom:Director Chelsea Bergeron, Mariah Phares, Nate Adams (Red Apple), Amber Bain

Approve Minutes From Previous Meeting   Chair Haendiges  Motion: Jessi Cox motions to approve the minutes. 

Anna Eldridge Seconds

Collective vote: Aye

Minutes are approved

Public Comment  Chair Haendiges No Public Comment
Discussion Items  Chair Haendiges  Board membership- Jessi Rowley has resigned after serving the board for 1 ½ years. Thank you for your service.

Strategic Plan: Chair Haendiges presented his findings from the faculty focus group. The 3 top comments were about community in the school and with parents, a strong Montessori identity and leadership similar to a PTVO to get parents involved with certain tasks. 

Director’s Report  Director Bergeron  Mrs. Bain completed testing ELL students this past week.

The school had their TItle 1 compliance check with the state and it went great.

Director Bergeron held a zoom meeting with parents called Check in with Chelsea that was very informative.

This week an out of state Montessori Consultant observed classrooms.

The school is getting ready for end of year testing on the RISE portal. Testing will begin the last week of April. This year’s testing will not affect the school standing with the state. The testing will primarily be used for data to pinpoint any earning loss due to Covid.

Strategic planning- the state was made aware of the school’s plan to rebrand and of using an estimate of $300,000 from savings towards this. 

Financial Report  Nate Adams

Red Apple 

The school’s bottomline is currently in the black and preliminary budgets for next school will be started.  
Committee Reports  No Committee Reports 
Action Items Chair Haendiges  Motion: Jessi Cox motions to vote on approving the Transgender policy as presented to the board.

Nancy Glover seconds

Ayes: Jessi Cox, Nancy Glover

Nays: Ana Eldridge

Abstentions: Rachel Webb

The motion is passed.

Motion: Jessi Cox motions to change the name of the school from Dixie Montessori Academy to Mountain View Montessori.

Ana Eldridge Seconds

Ayes: Ana Elddridge, Jessi Cox, Nancy Glover 

Abstentions: Rachel Webb

The motion is passed.

Motion: Jessi Cox motions to vote on not using a DBA.

Ana Eldridge Seconds

Ayes: Ana Eldridge, Jessi Cox, Nancy Glover

Abstentions: Rachel Webb

The motion is passed 

Motion: Jessi Cox votes to engage in the rebranding of the school.

Ana Eldridge Seconds

Ayes: Jessi Cox, Nancy Glover

Abstentions: Rachel Webb, Ana Eldridge 

The motion is passed. 

Adjournment  Chair Haendiges Motion: Ana Eldridge motions to adjourn.

Jessi Cox seconds

Aye: Nancy Glover. Ana Eldridge, Rachel Webb, Joleen Rowley, Jessi Cox, 

Meeting is adjourned

Next Board Meeting  Chair Haendiges    April 8th, 2021  5pm presented on Zoom.


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At DMA, our vision is to awaken within each child their unique potential that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to society.


The mission of Dixie Montessori Academy (DMA) is to provide a child-centered education founded upon the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. DMA will foster a structured environment of freedom and discovery in which each child can reach his or her full academic, social, and personal potential. Graduates of DMA will demonstrate creative thinking, self-discipline, respect, and cooperation, and will build a solid foundation for future success.

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