Board of Directors Meeting 08-27-2020

Dixie Montessori Academy Board of Directors Meeting

August 27, 2020
1160 N 645 W Washington, UT. 84780 (435) 251-853 6:00 pm
Zoom Link
Start time: 6pm
Meeting ID: 613 330 3425
Board Members
Jim Haendiges (Chair)
Nancy Glover (Secretary)
Ana Eldridge

Rachel Webb
Joleen Rowley
Jessi Cox

Roy Johnson
Dir. Chelsea Bergeron (Ex Officio)

Board Meeting: Call to Order | Chair Haendiges | 6:00pm
Vision & Mission Statement Approve minutes Public Comment Set Adjournment

Action Items | Chair Haendiges

Early Literacy Plan

Vision Statement
At DMA, our vision is to awaken within
each child their unique potential that
will enable them to make a valuable
contribution to society.
Mission Statement
The mission of Dixie Montessori

Academy (DMA) is to provide a child-
centered, individualized education

founded upon the philosophy of Dr.
Maria Montessori. DMA will foster a
structured environment of freedom
and discovery in which each child can
reach his or her full academic, social,
and personal potential. Graduates of
DMA will demonstrate creative
thinking, self-discipline, respect, and
cooperation, and will build a solid
foundation for future success.

Next meeting:
September 10, 2020

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