Board of Directors Meeting December 10, 2019

10 December 2019, 6:30PM – 1160 N 645 West, Washington, Utah

Agenda Item Presenter Questions to answer Time
Board Meeting Call to Order Chair


Read Vision and Mission Statement Chair    
Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting Secretary    
Public Comment   Note: The Board will not formally discuss or act on an item introduced during this portion of the agenda pursuant to Utah code 52-4-202(6)(b).  
Turnaround Update ED Direction Report from ED Direction  
Director’s Report
  • Short Celebration
  • Attendance
  • Academic Progress Report
  • Voluntary School Improvement Process (VISP)
Policy Committee Report Committee Chair

Policy Committee: next meetings policies to review?

  • Handbook review – dress code update
  • Marketing committee update.  

Finance Report

  • Monthly Finance Statement
  • Mountain America CD’s
  • Payroll account change
Business Manager

How do actual expenses compare to the school’s budget?

change payroll from monthly to bi-weekly?

Board Governance
  • Policy Review
  • Math Curriculum
  • Notice of Concern
  • Status of Reports due in Oct.
    • See Board Packet

Are the following policies clear and do they align with the DMA’s Mission and Vision?

  • Policy 1 – Enrollment Policy
  • ​Policy 2 – Denial of Enrollment Policy
  • Staff handbook – Dress Code
Reserved for Closed Session Chair

As needed under Utah Code 52-4-205(1)

  • Parent Dissatisfaction
  • Staff Complaint
  • Specific Staff Member Behavior
Next meeting   Thursday, January 9th  
Adjourn Chair What did you like about this meeting, what did you dislike, what needs to be changed for the next meeting? 7:30


At DMA, our vision is to awaken within each child their unique potential that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to society.


The mission of Dixie Montessori Academy (DMA) is to provide a child-centered, individualized education founded upon the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. DMA will foster a structured environment of freedom and discovery in which each child can reach his or her full academic, social, and personal potential. Graduates of DMA will demonstrate creative thinking, self-discipline, respect, and cooperation, and will build a solid foundation for future success.


Enrollment Policy

Board Approved: 28 May 2015

As outlined in its charter, Dixie Montessori Academy offers enrollment for students in grades K-7, and complies with all federal and state laws relative to admission policies. Dixie Montessori Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, handicap, or any other classification protected by law. Admission to Dixie Montessori Academy is open to all students regardless of socio-economic status, geographical location or learning level

Denial Of Enrollment Policy

Board Approved: 28 May 2015

DMA may deny enrollment of a student for reasons identified in R277-437-1I “Serious infraction of the law or school rules which means chronic misbehavior by a student which is likely, if it were to continue after the student was admitted, to endanger persons or property cause serious disruptions in the school, or to place unreasonable burdens on school staff.”