Board of Directors Meeting May 24, 2017

 24 May 2017, 5:30PM – 1160 N 645 West, Washington, Utah

Agenda Item Presenter Questions to answer Time
Workshop Start Chair 5:30
Finish Reviewing Streamlining of Charter Document Chair Does the streamlined charter still reflect the identity of the existing charter? The goal is to remove all parts of the document related to building the school and just keep the actual charter core.
 Strategy Discussion Chair
Workshop End 6:25
Board Meeting Call to Order Chair 6:30
Read Vision and Mission Statement Chair
Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting Secretary
Public Comment 6:35
Director’s Report

  • Short Celebration
  • Average Daily Membership
  • Classroom size Breakdown
  • Academic Progress Report
Director 6:45
Finance Report

  • Monthly Finance Statement
  • IT Contract for FY 17-18
  • Dayspring Rental
  • Written Response to USBE re Audit Non-compliance
Business Manager How do actual expenses compare to the school’s budget? 7:00
Board Governance

  • Vote on streamlined Charter
  • Discuss requesting increase in student population
Chair While the school and budget are built around 410 students there is some ebb and flow around that number. Requesting a larger population count will let us continue to receive funding when we are above that number to offset the loss when we drop below it. Additionally, this would also let us minimize classroom disruptions caused by constantly introducing now students into the environment.  7:20
Closed Session

  • Director Evaluation
Is the school fulfilling its mission inside the boundaries of our Charter agreement?
Adjourn Chair What did you like about this meeting, what did you dislike, what needs to be changed for the next meeting? 7:30