Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 08-27-2020

Board of Directors Zoom Meeting Minutes

August 27th,  2020, 6:00pm – 1160 N 645 West, Washington, Utah


Agenda Item Presenter Questions to answer Time
Board Meeting Call to Order Chair Haendiges  Board Members in Attendance on Zoom: Jim Haendiges, Nancy Glover,, Joleen Rowely, Jessi Cox, Roy Johnson, Rachel Webb

Absent: Ana Eldridge 

Others in Attendance on Zoom:Director Chelsea Bergeron, 

      Committee Report  Joleen Rowley    The Curriculum Committee reported on the Early Literacy Plan that Director Bergeron presented to the board. 
Action Items  Chair Haendiges  Motion: Rachel Webb motions to accept Early Literacy Plan and approve it as presented to the board. 

Joleen Rowley seconds

Aye by Roll Call: Nancy Glover, Joleen Rowely, Roy Johnson, Jessi Cox, Roy Johnson, Rachel Webb, Jim Haendiges 

Adjournment  Chair  Motion: Jessi Cox motions to adjourn the meeting 

Rachel Webb Seconds

Aye:: Joleen Rowely, Roy Johnson, Nancy Glover, Jessi Cox, Rachel Webb, Jim Haendiges 



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