Board of Directors Meeting November 8, 2017

 8 November 2017, 5:30PM – 1160 N 645 West, Washington, Utah

Agenda Item Presenter Questions to answer Time
Workshop Start Chair 5:30
Review/Revise Policies Chair
  • Cash Policy
  • LEA Fiscal Policies and Accountability Oversight Policy
  • Financial Risk Management Policy
 Strategy Discussion Chair  Turnaround status
Workshop End 6:25
Board Meeting Call to Order Chair 6:30
Read Vision and Mission Statement Chair
Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting Secretary
Public Comment 6:35
Director’s Report

  • Short Celebration
  • Academic Progress Report


Director 6:45
 Attendance/Enrollment  Attendance Manager
Finance Report

  • Monthly Finance Statement
Business Manager How do actual expenses compare to the school’s budget? 7:00
Board Governance

  • Policy Review
  • Governance Training
Chair Are the following policies clear and do they align with the DMA’s Mission and Vision?  7:20
Reserved for Closed Session As needed
Adjourn Chair What did you like about this meeting, what did you dislike, what needs to be changed for the next meeting? 7:30


At DMA, our vision is to awaken within each child their unique potential that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to society.


The mission of Dixie Montessori Academy (DMA) is to provide a child-centered, individualized grade K-7 education founded upon the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. DMA will foster a structured environment of freedom and discovery in which each child can reach his or her full academic, social, and personal potential. Graduates of DMA will demonstrate creative thinking, self-discipline, respect, and cooperation, and will build a solid foundation for future success.


Cash Policy (Proposed)

All cash collected will be reconciled in the presence of two authorized individuals.  A receipt should be given whenever cash or checks are received in the business office.  Cash and checks will be sealed in tamper-evident envelopes and delivered to the bank each evening.  Petty cash, in the amount authorized by the Board, will be maintained in the office for daily business purposes. Checks will be made payable to Dixie Montessori Academy or DMA

LEA Fiscal Policies and Accountability Oversight Policy

Board Approved 18 Mar 2014

Dixie Montessori Academy (DMA) for purposes of the requirements in Utah Code R277-113 is considered a Local Education Agency (LEA).

The purpose of this policy is to (1) require DMA to formally adopt and implement policies regarding the management and use of public funds; (2) provide minimum standards, procedures and definitions for DMA policies; (3) direct DMA to make policies, procedures and training materials available to the public and readily accessible on the DMA websites, to the extent of resources available; (4) require DMA to train employees in appropriate financial practices, necessary accounting procedures and ethical financial practices; and (5) provide for consistency at DMA regarding fiscal policies, procedures and accountability practices.


DMA satisfies the requirements of Utah Code 277-113 through multiple Board-level and operational-level policies and procedures as follows;

  • Fiscal requirements met in Board-level Procurement Policy (DMA-BP03) and Operational-level Procedures (DMA-PI01).
  • Financial Audit requirements met in Board-level Risk Assessment Policy (DMA-BP05).
  • Training Requirements met in Board Policy (DMA-BP02 and DMA-GP01, Section 1.7) and Operational-level Training Procedure.
  • Ethics Requirements met in Board-level Ethics Policy (DMA-GP01, Section 1.5) and Operational-level Ethics Procedures
  • School and Non-school Sponsored Activity requirements met in Board-level School / Non-school Sponsored Policy.

Compliance with State and Federal Law

DMA is responsible to ensure that policies comply with the following state laws and USOE Board Rules:

  • Utah Constitution Article X, Section 3;
  • Utah Code 63G-6a, Utah Procurement Code;
  • Utah Code 51-4, Deposit of Funds Due State;
  • Utah Code 67-16, Utah Public Officers’ and Employees’ Ethics Act;
  • 20 U.S.C. Section 1232g, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act;
  • Utah Code 63G-2, Government Records Access and Management Act;
  • Utah Code Section 53A-12, Fees and Textbooks;
  • Utah Code Section 53A-4-205, Public Education Foundations;
  • Utah Code 53A-11-1205 through 53A-11-1208;
  • 53A-11-1205, Noncurricular clubs — Annual authorization;
  • 53A-11-1206, Clubs — Limitations and denials;
  • 53A-11-1207, Faculty oversight of authorized clubs;
  • 53A-11-1208, Use of school facilities by clubs;
  • R277-407, School Fees;
  • R277-107, Educational Services Outside of Educator’s Regular Employment;
  • R277-515, Utah Educator Standards;
  • R277-605, Coaching Standards and Athletic Clinics.


In establishing policies and providing staff training, DMA shall consider requirements of Title IX, including:

  • Fundraising shall equitably benefit males and females;
  • Males and females shall have reasonably equal access to facilities, fields and equipment;
  • School sponsored activities shall be reasonably equal for males and females.


Reviews and updates of requirements
All policies affected by this policy shall be reviewed annually, including periodic updates or training and resource manuals.


Financial Risk Management Policy

Board Approved 18 Mar 2014

Dixie Montessori Academy (DMA) will establish a Finance Committee responsible for financial risk management, budget development and financial reporting.


The DMA Finance Committee will:

  • Ensuring that DMA management properly develops and adheres to a sound system of internal controls consistent with the requirements of R277-113-5.
  • Receive a report of the risk assessment process undertaken by DMA management in developing the system of internal controls;
  • Administer a process to review financial information, financial statements, and LEA and individual school records on a regular basis.  Performance to budget will be reviewed by the Treasurer and the Board, at a periodicity set by the Treasurer.  This periodicity will be at least bimonthly if not more frequently during the first operating year.  The Business Administrator will prepare reports for the Treasurer to report actual financial performance against budget forecast and associated variances.  These reports will be made to the Treasurer at the specified periodicity, who will in turn review this report in detail at Board Meetings.
  • Ensure that management conducts a competitive RFP process to hire external auditors and other professional services and making a recommendation to the LEA board on the results of the RFP process consistent with the State Procurement Code;
  • Receive communication from or meeting with the external auditors annually and receiving a direct report of the audit findings, exceptions, and other matters noted by the auditor;
  • Report the annual audit reports and findings or other matters communicated by the external auditor or other regulatory bodies to the LEA board in a public meeting;

Ensure that matters reported by external audits, internal audits, or other regulatory bodies are resolved in a timely manner.