Board of Directors Meeting October 3, 2019

3 October 2019, 6:30PM – 1160 N 645 West, Washington, Utah

Agenda Item Presenter Questions to answer Time
Board Meeting Call to Order Chair


Read Vision and Mission Statement Chair    
Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting Secretary    
Public Comment   Note: The Board will not formally discuss or act on an item introduced during this portion of the agenda pursuant to Utah code 52-4-202(6)(b). 6:35
Turnaround Update ED Direction Report from ED Direction  
Director’s Report
  • Short Celebration
  • Attendance/Enrollment
  • Academic Progress Report
Chair   6:45
Policy Committee Report Committee Chair Meal Charge Policy  

Finance Report

  • Monthly Finance Statement
  • Play Structure Repairs Update
Business Manager How do actual expenses compare to the school’s budget? 7:10
Board Governance
  • Policy Review
  • SB 245 School Community Awareness
  • PTO Findings
  • Exhibit A Update

Are the following policies clear and do they align with the DMA’s Mission and Vision?

  • Policy 1
  • ​Policy 2

SB 245 Annual turnaround Notice

How do we compare to similar schools PTO

Reserved for Closed Session Chair

As needed under Utah Code 52-4-205(1)

  • Ed Direction
  • Attorney review of pending employee matter
  • Teacher on extended leave
  • Director 90 day review
Adjourn Chair What did you like about this meeting, what did you dislike, what needs to be changed for the next meeting? 7:30


At DMA, our vision is to awaken within each child their unique potential that will enable them to make a valuable contribution to society.


The mission of Dixie Montessori Academy (DMA) is to provide a child-centered, individualized education founded upon the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. DMA will foster a structured environment of freedom and discovery in which each child can reach his or her full academic, social, and personal potential. Graduates of DMA will demonstrate creative thinking, self-discipline, respect, and cooperation, and will build a solid foundation for future success.


Policy 1 (Review)

Board Committee Principles 

Board Approved 18 Mar 2014 Last Reviewed 14 Sep 2016

Board committees, when used, will be assigned so as to reinforce the wholeness of the Board’s job and so as never to interfere with delegation from Board to Director. 

Board committees are to help the Board do its job, never to help or advise the staff.  Committees ordinarily will assist the Board by preparing policy alternatives and implications for Board deliberation.  In keeping with the Board’s broader focus, Board committees will not have direct dealings with current staff operations in an official capacity. 
Board committees may not speak or act for the Board except when formally given such authority for specific and time-limited purposes.  Expectations and authority will be carefully stated in order to prevent conflict with authority delegated to the Director. 
Board committees cannot exercise authority over staff.  The Director works for the full Board, and will therefore not be required to obtain the approval of a Board committee before an executive action. 
Board committees are to avoid over-identification with organizational parts rather than the whole.  Therefore, a Board committee that has helped the Board create policy on some topic will not be used to monitor organizational performance on that same topic. 
Committees will be used sparingly and ordinarily in an ad hoc capacity. 
This policy applies to any group that is formed by Board action, whether or not it is called a committee and regardless of whether the group includes Board members.  It does not apply to committees formed under the authority of the Director. 


Policy 2 (Review)

Policy Development Policy

Board Approved:  9 Sep 2015

Adoption of new policies or amendment of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Dixie Montessori Academy Board of Directors. New or amended policies shall be adopted and implemented only by the vote of a majority of a quorum of the Directors present when such action has been scheduled on the agenda of a regular or special meeting. With the exception of statutory requirements or instances where specific application of a policy is essential to the long- term welfare of the school, policies should be flexible enough to allow for extenuating circumstances or circumstantial changes. Policies may contain delineation of guidelines and/or procedures deemed necessary by the Board of Directors in order to meet the intent of the policy, however where possible the procedures will be kept separate from the policy so that they may be modified as needed by the administration.